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Intern or Volunteer Abroad Oct. 22nd, 2010 @ 06:24 pm
Hey Guys,
I've recently started an organization to help people do some inspirational travel while traveling to India.  It's called Leave UR Mark, and you can either do professional internships or volunteer work while visiting India for 2-12 weeks.  There are projects like Advertising Internships or Sustainable Community Development.  Instead of just sightseeing, you will get to live like a local and arrange trips for yourself to travel and explore the country on the weekends. Whether it's students that are taking a gap year or doing a semester abroad, it helps you with your resume and adds to your world experience.

The website is: www.leaveurmark.com

Let me know if you are interested in doing something different on your next holiday!

Oct. 8th, 2009 @ 01:11 am

guadalajara Mar. 16th, 2009 @ 08:26 pm
(cross posted)

Hello!  I'm looking for info on Guadalajara, Mexico,  and surroundings.  I'll be there to entertain myself for a couple of days before my friend meets up with me (and he's from there, so he'll have some ideas, but we have differing interests so I thought I'd get the opinions of some other folks!)

What would you check out, apart from the big historical sights downtown?  I'm very much interested in what's going on with the young folks there- politically and socially.  Are there any radical bookshops/infoshops or cultural centers?  Where do the political types hang out- neighborhoods/cafes/schools/etc?  Good venues for music or poetry?  What about queer hangouts (particularly women- not too interested in hanging out in boy bars/cruising spots!)?  And, anything just generally interesting and relatively easy to get to. 

Thanks for your help!!

I'm going to attempt a version of that in Spanish- please excuse my errors.

Hago muchos errores- disculpa!

Estoy buscando informacion de Guadalajara, Mex., y lugares cercanos.  Voy a estar por alla sola por 2 o 3 dias antes de la llegada de mi amigo (quien es de Guad., y tiene unas ideas, pero tenemos intereses diferentes entonces pensaba de preguntar otra gente por sus opiniones!)

Aparte de los sitios historicos al centro, que debo visitar?  Estoy interesada en que pasa con la juventud- politicamente y socialmente.  Hay algunos librerias radicales o centros culturales?  Donde estan los tipos politicos- barrios/cafes/universidad/etc?  Hay lugares buenos por el musico o poesia?  Lugares donde pasan tiempo los gays jovenes (mujeres en particular)?  Y cualquiera cosa interesante en general?

Muchas gracias por su ayuda!

Amsterdam Mar. 10th, 2008 @ 01:21 pm
I am going to Amsterdam for a few days with some friends. I have been once before and went to the sex museum, the Van Gogh museum and the Anne Frank museum as well as just wondering around. I am on a pretty tight budget.

What else do you recommend I do?
Any favourite coffee shops I should check out?
Good (and cheap!) places to eat?


Feb. 10th, 2008 @ 11:34 pm
I am planning a trip to Australia and am really interested in visiting Uluru/Ayers Rock.

For those of you who have been, I want to hear all about it!

Where did you stay? How much did it cost?
How did you get there? How much did it cost, how long did it take?
Did you do a tour/package/group thing?
What did you do?
What did you think of it? Was it what you expected? Better/worse?

And I would love to see any photos that you took there!
Current Location: chester, uk
Other entries
» (No Subject)
Hi everyone,

If you have any hints on finding the ABSOLUTE CHEAPEST flights to Latin America, particularly Lima, Peru, from the US, please clue me in! I just need a one-way, and the date of departure is fairly flexible (sometime in June?) I know I can find something cheaper than 600 bucks, which is what keeps popping up on the sites I'm checking. Do I need to check with a travel agent? Also, my travel buddy and I no longer have student status, so we can't use student discount sites.

thanks for any help you might be able to give!!
» just a poor college student.
So, I am planning to go to South America next year in May or June after I finish my first year of school.  I would *like* to volunteer for a few weeks and then backpack for a bit.  Only problem is that I really wont have that much money. 
To give you an idea of where I am and what amount I will have..
I am coming from probably either Vancouver, Calgary or Seattle if flying.. I am thinking a bus would be cheapest though.. I might try to carpool or get a ride as far south as I can get and then from there take a bus..
And I will have maybe 2000CAD for the trip.. which I understand is really not enough to pay for getting there, and being there for about a month.  Also, if I want to volunteer I think that it would be a lot more expensive than this.

Do any of you know of some cheaper volunteer agencies or ones that dont charge?
What are some really cheap ways of getting to and around South America?  What are the cheapest countries in South America?

I would really like to also go to Guatemala if possible, and definately go to Brazil and Peru.. but to be honest I would like to hear just about the best cities wherever in South America that they are.  I want to do some hiking and stuff while there, just places to enjoy the nature!

Thanks a lot!  Cross posted.. sorry!
» cracow krakow
hello all.  i am going to poland this weekend and i am just wondering for some suggestions of what to do there.  i am going to krakow, but i might try to take a bustrip out of the city for a day to see something else.
i am staying at three hostels haha.. dizzy daisy, dodo and momotown.. they all sound like fairly neat hostels which are centrally located.
well any of your suggestions would be highly valued.  thanks a lot.


» italia!
I am going to Italy tomorrow for 12 days on a budget of 500 €
Basically I just want to know if it's fine to drink the water there. I am coming from Berlin, I know all about the different mineral levels or whatever but when I went to Barcelona I drank the water there and I was fine.
I have heard that there are fountains in Rome and stuff that are safe to drink from?

Also any suggestions of must sees in
Naples (& surrounding area of amalfi coast etc)

thanks a lot!


xposted like the devil.
» Rail passes
Okay, being honest, I'm not exactly sure how rail passes work. When they say "5 days" of travel, are they talking about days literally? If a trip takes two or three days, is that how it counts against your pass? And, this is hypothetically speaking, let's say I went to a place and the trip only took an hour or two, I got there, looked around, and hopped on a train to some place completely different, in the same day. Is that one day? And is the pass a card? Will someone have to mail it to me? (I'm in Russia, see, and the postal service here isn't exactly the Pony Express.) Or could I just pick one up somewhere, personally?

Thank you!
» hilfe!
okay, so going to italy on the 22nd of march.
first i am spending a day in milan then flying ryan air to rome ciampino at like midnight..
i think i'm just going to sleep in the airport.. first off.. can i do that? second off is it stupid to?
unfortunately i've been busy/i'm an idiot and all the cheap hostels are taken and i really don't feel like spending the extra 20 euros for a 6 hour sleep at some hostel which will probably take me a really long time to find at 1 in the morning as I will be really tired and what not.

also.. i am going from rome to naples and then from naples to florence and then from florence to pisa... should i buy my tickets online before hand or can i just buy bus/train tickets while in italy..

about how expensive is it?

please don't just recommend trenitalia because i am retarded and just couldn't figure it out, atleast not so that it was cheaper than just doing euro rail which is 120€ which is my last option.

blehh help please!
» (No Subject)
I volunteer for a student-run travel website that will be up at the end of the month, and my editor would like me to find people who would be willing to share their travel stories. Stories should be 500-800 words and pictures would be a huge plus. Would anyone here mind sharing? You will of course get full credit for your stuff. :)

I'm specifically looking for articles on relgion, sports, music, gender, and food, but basically anyhting you want to wirte about would be wonderful! Thank you guys so much. :)
» wamp wamp
cross-posted, i'm sorry!

barcelona end of feb? good choice..? before anyone responds it will probably be too late.. as i am buying the plane ticket tonight.
the weather will be probably be crap but i don't think i will have much other chance to see the city before i go home to canada.
can you recommend some cool places to check out while i'm there, or possibly any good hostels? thanks!

italy end of march..
should I just buy a eurorail italy pass for 3 days for 120 euros.. that way i can go to naples and see around that area (pompeii and such)
then go back up to florence and pisa where my flight is leaving..
or is it worth it to just show up and jump on trains while i am there..?

copenhagen for easter
good hostels? places to see? my host family is helping me book all these trips and i didn't even originally want to really go here but i'm having a hard time finding a cheap way to poland so i thought why not... it sounds likea pretty neat city anyways.

also budgeting

i have budgeted 200 euros for spain including my flight, hostel and expenses.. i am going for 4 days 3 nights

italy i have budgeted 400 euros for 12 nights.. including flight, hostel, train and expenses..

copenhagen.. i don't really care yet as it is in april and i have no idea!

any help is good!
» UK/France/Italy
Hey all. I'm going to Wales to study for five months starting next week, so undoubtedly I'll be popping back a lot with numerous questions, but for now I just have a few.

1) I'm going to be living a couple miles from campus. My place is on the bus route and everything, but for a little extra mobility, I would *love* to have a bicycle. I'm coming from the US, so bringing one just isn't practical, but I was wondering about getting one once I'm there. Are there places I could rent a bicycle for an entire semester instead of by the day? Or is there anywhere I could buy one cheap, used or new? Any suggestions at all for getting my hands on a bike for five months and then getting rid of it again?

2) My dad is coming over to visit in March, and he wants to see the Normandy beaches. It looks like flying is the cheapest way to get there? What I think we should do is go over during the morning, stay for a night in Caen, and then take a ferry from Calais to Dover, because he also wants to see the white cliffs. But, Calais is kinda far from Caen, and I can't seem to find any information about how we could get there. Would we have to rent a car?

3) Also, I'm planning on spending probably a week by myself in Italy. What are the must-sees that you might not think of immediately? My former Italian teacher lives in Siena, so I'll likely be heading down in that area more than sticking strictly to Rome.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.
» exchange student?
Hi Im new
Im saving up for studying abroad in england
and i was wondering if anyone knows any good programmes
so far i think study-abroad-uk seems good
(website www.study-abroad-uk.com)
and i was wondering has anyone heard of them
or does anyone have any input about being an exchange student?
anyways to raise money?
thank you for any help
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