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The Rogue Journaler

Drama of Programs Abroad

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This is a community for ppl in the process of or who have already gone abroad, usually on some extended program--like study abroad, or foreign exchange--but business travelers or ppl preparing to work abroad are welcome too! There's no minimum or maximum program length--whether you'll be gone for ten days or for ten months, or more, you're welcome, here. Feel free to lurk--if you're just considering it, or if you're and old hand...


I've not made formal rules, yet. Behave yourselves, play nice, and no plagiarising. Thnx muchly!

I intend to maintain the memories sections, so check there for your question/concern. Categories are:
  • My Career Counselor Told Me To Think About It
  • Organizations--Testimonials and Questions
  • Application (non-essay)
  • Application (essay)
  • Finances
  • Approval Process
  • Medical Eval--Innoculations (shots) and other Problems (diet/medication)
  • I'm in! and Predeparture
  • Recommended Packing
  • Recommended Research/Preparation/Reading
  • Culture Shock/The Early Days
  • In the Groove/OMG... I Have to Go Home
  • Post Globetrotting Angst/My Ppl are Uncivilized!
  • Fond Memories

That should prettymuch cover the entire process. So join, already and start posting!!

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