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So, I am planning to go to South America next year in May or June after I finish my first year of school.  I would *like* to volunteer for a few weeks and then backpack for a bit.  Only problem is that I really wont have that much money. 
To give you an idea of where I am and what amount I will have..
I am coming from probably either Vancouver, Calgary or Seattle if flying.. I am thinking a bus would be cheapest though.. I might try to carpool or get a ride as far south as I can get and then from there take a bus..
And I will have maybe 2000CAD for the trip.. which I understand is really not enough to pay for getting there, and being there for about a month.  Also, if I want to volunteer I think that it would be a lot more expensive than this.

Do any of you know of some cheaper volunteer agencies or ones that dont charge?
What are some really cheap ways of getting to and around South America?  What are the cheapest countries in South America?

I would really like to also go to Guatemala if possible, and definately go to Brazil and Peru.. but to be honest I would like to hear just about the best cities wherever in South America that they are.  I want to do some hiking and stuff while there, just places to enjoy the nature!

Thanks a lot!  Cross posted.. sorry!
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Date:June 24th, 2007 05:30 am (UTC)
there's this study abroad newsletter in e-mail form and recently they showed a bunch of volunteer organizations.. but I'm pretty sure it cost about 4000USD.
If you'd like that link I could send it
Don't know if this helps at all
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