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Okay, being honest, I'm not exactly sure how rail passes work. When they say "5 days" of travel, are they talking about days literally? If a trip takes two or three days, is that how it counts against your pass? And, this is hypothetically speaking, let's say I went to a place and the trip only took an hour or two, I got there, looked around, and hopped on a train to some place completely different, in the same day. Is that one day? And is the pass a card? Will someone have to mail it to me? (I'm in Russia, see, and the postal service here isn't exactly the Pony Express.) Or could I just pick one up somewhere, personally?

Thank you!
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Date:March 6th, 2007 07:01 am (UTC)
Lets say you plan to be in Italy for two weeks. You'll spend the first few days in one city before going to another, spend a few days there, go to another city for the day, but travel to a fourth city before the day is over, spend a few days there and return to your port-city.

You have spent five days traveling and will need a pass that covers five travel days while being valid for two weeks.

Does that clear it up?
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